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Adeline Winters (TDI)
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Template:Nolinkclr N/A
Place N/A
 Adeline Winters, labeled The Enviornmentalist, was a contestant on The Total Drama RP.


Adeline Winters is a tree hugging vegan with a love for all things plant and animal; she has a knack for knowledge on them as well. She believes in respect for humans and nature and wants nothing more for them to live in harmony. She is sweet, polite, and civil but if someone is disrespecting nature (such as tearing down trees, wearing fur, or abusing animals) she can be quite strong and cause serious damage. She has a talent for reading road maps and studies them; she can get around any city in any country very easily. However, despite her friendly and polite personality, as well as her skills in road map reading and plant/animal knowledge, Adeline can be easily distracted. This is what makes her a true wild card; is it worth it to keep her close and risk an honest mistake, but get the good end of the bone when it comes to some things, or keep her at arm's length?

The Total Drama RPEdit

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