"Argentropolis: Everyone Is A Star."
~ Details ~
Symbol ➇ (Eight Ball)
Settlement Type Neighborhood
Demonym N/A
Average Weather Usually sunny. Sometimes windy/rainy/stormy. Yearly average of 75°F
Size Large
Direction Lower west side of Eastbrooke
Class Middle/Upper (Mostly)
Population High
~ Other Info ~
Turf War Map Starry Night Resort
Debut Part 2

Argentropolis is a neighborhood that is located in lower West Eastbrooke, close to Sunshine Beach. It is mostly known for its famous people and its annual award ceremonies (Mostly music and acting related). Many middle and high class people live in the apartment complexes there. Various businesses are there, including fine dining restaurants, casinos, arcades and fashion stores. Concert halls, movie theaters and performance theaters are popular there too. Train and bus services are in the area and they run on a constant schedule for each week.

Trivia Edit

  • Argentropolis was based on Hollywood and Las Vegas.