Blu Moon
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Genre(s) Pop
Years Active 2 years
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Associated Acts N/A
Members Alpha, Cameron, David, Fang, Hakaru, Kahari, Mikey, Ollie, Romeo
Controlled By Xyzpdqbgs

Blu Moon is a 9-member pop group well known for their choreography and their recent modeling careers. They all appreciate their fanbase and their support, but often get curious if any of them will figure out their wolfish mannerisms.

Members Edit

Alpha [Leader/Main Vocalist/Dancer/Rapper] (Sunset)

Cameron [Lead Dancer/Vocalist] (Sunset)
David [Dancer/Vocalist] (Sunrise)
Fang [Lead Rapper/Dancer/Vocalist] (Sunset)
Hakaru [Dancer/Vocalist] (Sunrise)
Kahari [Dancer/Vocalist] (Sunrise)
Mikey [Main Rapper/Dancer/Vocalist] (Sunset)
Ollie [Dancer/Vocalist] (Sunrise)
Romeo [Dancer/Vocalist] (Sunset)

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Subgroups Edit

Blu Moon has two subgroups, Sunrise and Sunset. Sunrise focuses mostly on whimsical and upbeat songs while Sunset focuses mostly on more romantic and mature songs. Both sub groups still are a part of the pop genre, but sometimes flex around with some other genres as well.