"Where Calamari is banned and we don’t mean the pop idols."
~ Details ~
Symbol ♤ (Spade)
Settlement Type Neighborhood
Demonym N/A
Average Weather Usually foggy/overcast. Sometimes windy/rainy, storms are possible but do not occur often. Yearly average of 60°F
Size Small
Direction Lower west Lumiburg
Class Middle/Lower
Population High
~ Other Info ~
Turf War Map Coddington Rooftops
Debut Part 2

Coddington is a neighborhood that lies in the lower West section of Lumiburg. It is somewhat dirty due to littering and graffiti and the color scheme is mostly green, grey and black, but it is ignored due to the various, colorful residents that live in the many apartment buildings (Mostly Inklings but also Octolings who mostly live underground and other type of sea related creatures). It is also known for its traditional theatre, music, fashion and "Splatfests", where the turf wars are broadcasted live, the residents choose which team they want to win and there's a huge festival in town. This neighborhood also has many different signs that lead to different types of businesses and community places. Bus and train services are in the area, running on a specific but constant schedule for the week.

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