Dhana Thoman
~ Details ~
Alignment Neutral
Gender Male
Age 15
Grade 9th
Role Student
Dorm #/Place Of Residence A mansion in Odel Oasis
~ Relations ~
Friends Walter Thoman (Brother), Caroline Thoman (sister),

Camilla Thoman (sister), Delmore Pete, Kaia Hale (Crush), Pancake Lewis, Beatrice Nazari, Erica, Shui Lai, Darleen Adams

~ Other Info ~
Debut Part 2
Mun Xyzpdqbgs

Turf War Stats
Rank S+
Agility ★★☆☆☆
Focus ★★★☆☆
Super jump speed ★★★★☆
Swim speed ★★★★★
Weapon(s) Gold Dynamo Roller
Sub weapon(s) Seeker
Special weapon(s) Kraken

Dhana Thoman is best described as angry, easily angry and very angry from an outsider's point of view. He sometimes tries his best to avoid making friends because of his reluctance to trust others easily, but it usually fails due to his constant curiosity of people. He adores his Gold Dynamo Roller and he likes purple ink. 

Character ProfileEdit


  • Birthday: April 11th
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Ethnicity: Indian
  • Sexual Orientation: Pan
  • Romantic Orientation: Pan
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Height: 5'0
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Pastel purple
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Dominant Hand: Right
  • Languages: English, Inkling
  • Blood Type: ??? (Ink [Blood] color is black)
  • Myers Briggs Personality Type: ENTP


  • Interests/Hobbies: Reading, playing piano, playing video games
  • Favorite Color: Grey
  • Favorite Musician/Band: N/A
  • Favorite Type of Music: Rap/Rock
  • Favorite Food: Gummy bears
  • Favorite TV Show: N/A
  • Favorite Book: N/A
  • Favorite Movie: N/A

Report CardEdit

  • English: A+
  • Math: C+
  • History: B+
  • Social Studies: A-
  • Mythology: B+
  • Plant Biology: A+
  • Human Biology: B-
  • Chemistry: B+
  • Animal Sciences: C+
  • Astronomy: A+
  • Robotics: A+
  • Computers: B+
  • Art: A+
  • Drama: B+
  • Music: A+
  • Foods: B-
  • Fashion: B+
  • Woodshop: A+
  • Engineering & Physics: A+
  • Gym: A+

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