Do Not Cross
~ Details ~
Origin/Based In Eastbrooke
Genre(s) Pop
Years Active N/A
~ Other Info ~
Debut Part 1
Associated Acts N/A
Members Ai-ko, Carrie, Cloe, Echo, Jackie, Ophelia, Ruby, Sky, Tiara
Controlled By Xyzpdqbgs

Do Not Cross is a 9-member pop group based in Eastbrooke. With their recent debut album Love Bite, they have received positive reviews and their fandom continued to grow. Despite their popularity, few people are aware of their vampiristic secret…

Members Edit

Ai-ko [Lead Rapper/Vocalist]
Carrie [Lead Dancer/Vocalist]
Cloe [Main Rapper/Vocalist]
Echo [Lead Vocalist/Dancer]
Jackie [Lead Dancer/Vocalist]
Ophelia [Lead Dancer/Vocalist]
Ruby [Lead Vocalist/Dancer]
Sky [Lead Dancer/Vocalist]
Tiara [Leader/Main Vocalist]

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