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Settlement Type City
Demonym N/A
Average Weather Hot summers and cold winters. Yearly average of 13°C.
Size Fairly Large
Direction N/A
Class All
Population Fairly High
~ Other Info ~
Debut Part 1

Eastbrooke is the city in which the RP takes place in. Contrary to its name, the city is located towards the West of the country. Helen is the mayor of the city, having been in this position for quite some time. Elliden Wu is the superintendent for the school board.


Royal CourtEdit

Main Article: Royal Court

The Royal Court is a affluent neighbourhood towards the West of the city. The school is situated within this area, as well as various high-end markets and stores. There is a fair amount of residents in the area, all who are mainly business owners, participants of stock exchange, actors, artists etc. Houses are often at least $700,000 and are at least 3000 square feet in size. Apartment buildings are also scattered around. The neighbourhood is average in size. Bus and train services are in the area, frequency varying per route and time of day.

Watanabe SquareEdit

Main Article: Watanabe Square

Watanabe Square is a small neighbourhood consisting of a theater and an outdoor mall as well as 3-4 blocks of houses. The neighbourhood is all about shopping and arts. Concerts occur weekly in the mall, performances by well-known groups (such as the Squid Sisters) and members of the community willing to showcase their talents. The mall can get super busy, especially on weekends. An IKEA warehouse and a Costco warehouse are located beside the mall. A small bus station exists by the mall and bus services are in the area, frequency varying per route and time of day.


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