“Welcome to Florianville. Population: Maybe”
~ Details ~
Symbol ♧ (Club)
Settlement Type Neighborhood
Demonym N/A
Average Weather Always cloudy, sometimes rainy or stormy. Yearly average of 62°F.
Size Medium
Direction West Eastbrooke
Class Lower/Middle
Population Medium
~ Other Info ~
Turf War Map Hydrangea & Co.
Debut Part 2

Florianville is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood in West Eastbrooke. It is somewhat run down and most buildings appear to be abandoned and vandalized, but some of them are actually occupied and owned by residents. Various plants grow on the buildings and the ground, some of them colorful and healthy and some wilting and dead. A small amount of businesses are there, most of them are independent. Gardening is taken very seriously in Florianville and plant related contests occur sometimes. Bus and train services are available and they run on a constant weekly schedule.