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~ Details ~
Origin/Based In Eastbrooke
Genre(s) Various
Years Active 2017-2020 (pre-debut project)
2020 to Present (post-debut)
~ Other Info ~
Debut Unknown ATM
Associated Acts Pyramid, RAPnarök, 32ns, Wonder Würld
Members Dayo Adebayo
Mira Huerta
Faroud Nasri
Guiying Yao
Doana Veloso
Sunaina Singhal
Baruch Schwartz
Faye Colos
Jim Ford
Eriko Hitomi
Dawud al Nawabi
Lokelani Mahoe
Floyd Dhariwal
Jina Kim
Controlled By BulletRefutation

Heaven is a 14-member co-ed group under Wu Tracks. The members were training for over 2 years, except for 4 of them: Lani, Floyd, Eriko and Do-Ana, two of who left 32ns and the other two who were scouted in early 2019.

The group started as a project group with 7 members. Due to the success and popularity after the second release (as well as the further addition of 3 members), it was decided that the group would become an official one with 14 members. This lead to the addition of 4 more members.


Name Stage Name (if applicable) Role(s)
Dayo Adebayo Dayo Leader, Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Mira Huerta Mira Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Faroud Nasri Naz Vocalist, Rapper, Main Dancer, Center
Guiying Yao Guiying Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Center
Doana Veloso Do-Ana Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Sunaina Singhal Sunaina Main Vocalist, Ultimate Face of Group, Visual, "Spokesperson"
Baruch Schwartz Barry Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Faye Colos Faye Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Jim Ford Jim Main Vocalist
Eriko Hitomi Eriko Lead Vocalist, Visual
Dawud al Nawabi Woody Main Rapper, Vocalist
Lokelani Mahoe Lani Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group
Floyd Dhariwal Floyd Main Vocalist, Face of the Group
Jina Kim Jina Lead Vocalist


Member TimelineEdit

  • Black bar denotes member of project group/trainee time
  • Blue bar denotes 32ns member
  • Red bar denotes Heaven lineup.

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