Honeydew Acres
“Fresh Produce and Friendly Smiles At Honeydew Acres”
~ Details ~
Symbol ♪ (Eighth Note)
Settlement Type Rural
Demonym N/A
Average Weather Sometimes sunny or cloudly. Occasional rain. Yearly average of 67°F
Size Large
Direction Far West from Eastbrooke
Class Lower/Lower Middle (Mostly)/Upper
Population Medium
~ Other Info ~
Turf War Map Abandoned Farmhouse
Debut Part 2

Honeydew Acres is a rural area that is located far West from Eastbrooke. It is a large countryside filled with houses, mansions and farms. Most of the produce in Eastbrooke comes from here due to its high quality and freshness. The center of Honeydew Acres is where you'd find businesses that are owned by farmers, gardeners and merchants. Annual festivals take place here as well. Further North of Honeydew Acres are some mansions owned by wealthy people. Despite its usual calm and peaceful atmosphere, some areas are dangerous at night due to the wild animals and the urban legends that are widely believed. Some train services are available and run on a constant schedule for each week.