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Lavender Green (TDI)
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
 Lavender Green, labeled The Popular Douche, was a contestant on The Total Drama RP.


Lavender Green appears in The Royal Academy RP as the school's "popular girl". She loves her smartphone, and many other things associated with "basic white girls". She can quote Mean Girls, drinks Starbucks, eats Chipotle, wears leggings for pants, and has an obsession with pumpkins and hairless cats. She can also get really annoying at times due to her daddy spoiling her so he can make up for not paying much attention to her, as her chauffeur, Luis, is her best friend. Although her life seems perfect, Lavender's stepmother is a gold digger and can even be abusive at times, and her father, as stated above, doesn't pay much attention to her due to being busy with work. Lavender is also somewhat insecure and has trouble making friends. This makes her act spoiled and catty, which drives people off, but all Lavender really wants is a friend.

The Total Drama RPEdit

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