"Lumiburg: We Outshine The Rest."
~ Details ~
Symbol ♢ (Diamond)
Settlement Type Neighborhood
Demonym N/A
Average Weather Mostly cloudy, occasional rain. Yearly average of 65°F
Size Large
Direction TBA
Class Middle/Upper
Population High
~ Other Info ~
Turf War Map Club Clownfish
Debut Part 2

Lumiburg is an urban town located within Eastbrooke. It is a usually busy area due to its large population and the number of tourists who are visiting to look at Lumiburg's landmarks. However, some places are barren and most alleyways have shady businesses and clubs that are open only at night. Most businesses are open 24/7 and some are a bit pricey. Lumiburg is not only noticeable for its 80s-90s aesthetic, but also for its glowy appearance at night, from neon street and business signs to the windows of tall office buildings. Bus and train services are in the area, running on a specific but constant schedule for the week.