“Mortistan: Where The Moon Shines Bright and The Flowers Frown”
~ Details ~
Symbol ✝ (Cross)
Settlement Type Neighbourhood
Demonym N/A
Average Weather Clowdy/rainy, sometimes foggy. Yearly average of 56°F
Size Large
Direction Northwest Eastbrooke
Class Middle
Population Medium
~ Other Info ~
Turf War Map Mortistan Hospital
Debut Part 2

Mortistan is a large and quiet neighborhood located in Northwest Eastbrooke. It gives off a constant eerie vibe due to some of its dying trees, empty places and the feeling of being watched by something. Crows, frogs, spiders, cats and bats are commonplace and some of the residents keep them as pets. Ghosts do exist there and can be seen in the Mortistan Cemetery or in abandoned places. There are some businesses scattered in different places, some sell Halloween stuff and things for seances, some are cafes and some are bookstores. Most of the buildings are residential houses that are painted with dark colors. The neighborhood takes Halloween very seriously and there is a Halloween festival as well. There is one specific bus service that runs on a weekly schedule.