~ Details ~
Layout Square Shaped
# of Splatfest Teams 2
Hazards Tough currents [can cause boxes to splat splatoon ocs, can cause ocs to lose balance]
Unique Spots Wide platforms, moving platform for boxes
Ranked Battle Modes Rainmaker, Splat Zones
~ Other Info ~
Origin Winchell Harbor
Debut Part 5

Paradis is a large cruise ship that was constructed right in Winchell Harbor in the 1970s. It is notable for its speed, pleasant services and beautiful interior and exterior. It is a common thing for rich folk to travel on it as well, in fact more than the other cruise ships available. However, if there is a Splatfest, no other reservations can be made on that day and the cruise ship makes its short rounds while the turf war is going on. A part of Paradis, specifically the storage room, is used as a map for turf wars.