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~ Details ~
Origin/Based In Eastbrooke
Genre(s) Pop
Years Active 2018 to Present
~ Other Info ~
Debut Part 1
Associated Acts RAPnarök, MyStar
  • Adi
  • Mo
  • JJ
  • Hicham
  • BoomBoom
  • Aziz
  • Jordi
  • Vlad
  • Danny
  • Sami
  • HamStar
Controlled By BulletRefutation

Pyramid is an 11-member boy group under Wu Tracks. They debuted in early 2018 with their song "I Love You". The only lineup change they have had til date is the addition of member Sami. It was later revealed he was meant to debut with the group but his debut got pushed due to personal reasons. In the Summer of 2019, it was revealed that Pyramid would add a new member in 2020. The member would be revealed closer to the date.

MyStar is a sub-unit consisting of the two youngest members Sami and HamStar. They debuted mid-2019. They mostly record covers of songs by other artists. They intend to release an original album in 2020.

The group was originally meant to debut as 6 members (consisting of J.J., Aziz, Jordi, Vlad, Sami and HamStar) as a hip-hop group in 2016, shortly following sister group RAPnarok's debut. Members Adi, Mo, Hicham and BoomBoom were meant to be apart of the 36 Tunes project (now known as 32ns) and were training to be apart of the group since the beginning of 2014. However, it was decided during the summer of 2016 that the other 4 members and trainee Danny would be better off in Pyramid.

As a result, both groups debuts were put off until a later date, especially Pyramid's, whose debut was put off by over a year.

The group trained as 11 members for about 13 months. Sami went on hiatus 5 months prior to their slated debut due to family issues. The group continued as 10 members from mid-October to debut, then continued as a 10-member group until Sami debuted in February of 2019.


  • Adi (Leader, Main Vocals) - Adi Ornlamai - Born 28 December 1999
  • Mo (Lead Vocalist, Visual) - Mohammed Rahman - Born 13 January 2000
  • J.J. (Rap, Vocal) - James Jackson - Born 25 May 2000
  • Hicham (Vocal, Lead Dancer) - Hicham Zuma - Born 9 January 2001
  • BoomBoom (Lead Vocalist, Rap) - Bjorn Ahlström - Born 17 March 2001
  • Aziz (Low Rap, Lead Dancer, Vocal) - Aziz Baroud - Born 19 March 2001
  • Jordi (Rap, Vocal) - Jordi Tzeng - Born 30 April 2001
  • Vlad (Main Dancer, Vocal) - Vlad Fomichyov - Born 19 July 2001
  • Danny (Lead Dancer, Main Vocal) - Daniel Peterson - Born 21 October 2001
  • Sami (Main Vocalist, Visual) - Sammy Dhariwal - Born 15 November 2001
  • HamStar (High Rap, Main Dancer, Vocal, Face of the Group) - Hamid al-Mansouri - Born 2 February 2002

Member TimelineEdit

  • Red bar represents official member of the group
  • Blue represents time spent as trainees leading to 11-member group debut
  • Purple represents time spent as trainees for the original 6-member lineup of Pyramid.
  • Green represents time spent as trainees for members who were slated to be in 36 Tunes
  • Black represents hiatus.

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