Rocky Road
“Rocky Road, Nowhere”
~ Details ~
Symbol ⇨ (Arrow)
Settlement Type Neighborhood
Demonym N/A
Average Weather Mostly cloudy with occasional rain. Yearly average of 70°F
Size Low
Direction ???
Class Lower/Middle
Population Medium
~ Other Info ~
Turf War Map None
Debut Part 2

Rocky Road is an offroad, uncharted neighborhood located nearby a highway. Most of the residents live in trailer parks and in the few houses over there. Various people live there, including a very accurate fortune teller, a man who ate an entire alligator and survived and people with an affinity for weird things. Novelty stores are common and they sell anything, including magician items and illegal chainsaws. There is a diner that is very popular in the area, despite it always being nearly empty most days of the week. Car races happen often and people even place bets on who they winner would be. Train and bus services are not available

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