The Gardens Of Astrea
~ Details ~
Layout Square Shaped center with two Zig-Zagged Shaped North/South ends of center
# of Splatfest Teams 2
Hazards Thorns, some made out of enemy ink [Special plant]
Unique Spots Tall bushes to hide behind, tall trees [serves as platforms]
Ranked Battle Modes Splat Zones, Tower Control
~ Other Info ~
Origin Starville
Debut N/A

In the center of Starville lies The Gardens Of Astrea, a popular spot for couples, friends and those interested in botany. There are about 100 different types of flowers, a flying carousal, and historical statues related to Starville’s history. The gardens are also known for its street performances, concerts and weddings. It’s open to the public 24/7, however, when it comes to Splatfests, any ongoing events have to be closed at 6pm. The shape of The Gardens Of Astrea is rectangular, but a specific part of it's center is used as a turf war map.

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