✦Updated the Rules!

✦Added boards for discussing Anime/Manga, Movies, Music, OC Adoption/Trading, and Shows

✦Updated Rp Formats page!

✦Updated about page!

✦Updated the student general info to include other places of residence besides the dormitory.

✦Added a template for turf war maps

The Royal Academy Site For Roleplaying!Edit

A collection of fun things for everyone to enjoy! Wanna create an RP? Go ahead! Wanna create your own li'l fanfiction? Go ahead! Open to everyone to join. However, all fun has boundaries, and so rules will be put in place. This is to ensure everyone has a safe experience on this wiki! All images are credited to their respective owners (will be added later). Sign up today!

Official Tumblr

New to the Wiki?Edit

Check out our about page!

Essential LinksEdit

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Founded: May 22, 2015

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