Hello, and welcome to The Royal Academy site for roleplaying!

Roleplaying? What's that?Edit

Roleplaying, at least on this wiki, is essentially a story written by a lot of people. Each user controls certain characters, spawned out of their own imagination. Cool, huh? See the RP Formats page for more info on how to RP! Here is an example:

User 1: Jennifer walked up to the lemonade stand and she said to the man running the stand, "Hey, got any grapes?"
User 2: And the man running the stand said, "No, we only have lemonade!"
User 1: So she walked away... until the very next day.
Jennifer: Hey, got any grapes?
Man: No, we only have lemonade.
Jennifer: *walks away*
Easy, huh? Please note you can control YOUR CHARACTERS and your characters only, unless you receive special permission.

Looking to join an RP? Check out a cool list here!

Wait... Wiki? What's a wiki?Edit

Wiki, or wikia, is like a big book of information, and every user gets to erase certain things and change them. This wiki is special; it specializes not in information, but also on roleplaying. There will be certain pages for characters, locations, and RPs; only edit your character pages unless fixing minor grammar or spelling on other people's pages.

Don't know how to make character page layouts? Ana DarwinJett Nickolson, and Zach Rashid great examples; try copy-pasting their pages and editing them to your liking for your OC, or original character.

Cool! Anything else I should know?Edit

Here are a few tips and tricks:

✦Wanna test out a template? Don't try a mainspace page; make a sandbox article (User:Your Name/Sandbox), or try your user page.
✦Go on the chat and connect with users and make new friends!
✦Read the Rules.
✦The resources category has rp related references if you need any extra help!