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    I'm so proud this wiki is successful . I and Wendy are making another RP which is the Whodunnit RP uwu. it's a murder mystery and it's an awesome show please watch.

    30 strangers are sent to a tropical island resort for a summer vacation getaway where a butler named Giles and his two maids are the hosts. Not even one day passes before shit hit the fan and one person bites the dust in a mysterious murder. The remaining 29 guests are forced to solve the murder of the unlucky victim and are forced to investigate one of three locations, from the morgue, to the murder location, and the victim's last known whereabouts. Then, they must solve a series of riddles, and then must use their information to figure out how the murder happened. What the gue…

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    This is Part 1 of the RP. There is no set format on how to RP, so feel free using the script format or a story format .

    As usual, follow the Rules.

    Just to highlight some of the main ones: be respectful, be inclusive, read the comments to check if there is a response you need to make, and have fun c:

    Signup Blog: Here

    Staff List: Here.

    Schedule: Here

    Next part will be made when we finish a day. That means, a new part will be made after 1 day in the rp, no matter the # of comments.

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    Name Role
    Agent Walker / Natalia Roshmanov Local Dectectives
    Alexa Lexington Robotics
    Annie Radd / Odin Revolution Music
    Anthony Wagner Janitor
    Ashley Plant Biology
    Beebee Animal Sciences
    Cedella Art
    Chef Charlie Delicioso

    Home Eco. Sub / Lunch Cook

    Chef Gino Delicioso​​​​​​​ Home Eco.
    Dr. F Chemistry
    Eliza Guidance Counsellor / Psychology
    Elmira Clamp Librarian
    Ewan Security Guard
    Goth Boy English
    Lucille Williams Dance Instructor
    Madame Zoe Mythology
    Matt Social Studies
    Mc Emi Announcer / Office Worker
    Michael Gray Animal & People Control / Security
    Morcubus Math
    Ms. Nicole Vogue Fashion
    Patrick Rhino Engineering / Physics
    Rebecca Everett Secretary
    Roger Phys Ed
    Rosalyn P. Marshall Principal
    Roxie Road Nurse
    Sir Vincent Skullfinder History
    Tad McCaffrey Gym Sub / Sw…

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    Hey guys! Thanks for coming on over to the TRA Wiki! This wiki is dedicated to RPing with OCs and characters from other canons (like MySims or Pokemon etc.) This here RP is the first RP on the wiki and it's gonna be pretty fun (I hope).

    Welcome to The Royal Academy, where 99% of all students succeed in a school where kids are transition to their adult years. The school itself is particularly interesting, having an unique history, unusually bubbly teachers and a diverse range of students. When the next school year fires up and a new superintendent takes rule, things within the school seem to take a turn (magically, mentally and physically). Students are left to question the sanity of the school and what would become of them as they dive deep…

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