Name Role
Rosalyn P. Marshall Principal
Morcubus  Math
Dr. F Chemistry
Ashley Plant Biology
Renee/Beebee Animal Sciences
Alexa Lexington Robotics
Professor Nova Astronomy
Travis Graphic Arts/Computers
Trevor Drama
Annie Radd/Odin Revolution Music
Gino Foods
Terry Toymender Woodshop
Patrick Rhino Engineering/Physics
Goth Boy English
Roger Phys Ed
Flipper Swim Coach
Matt Social Studies
Madame Zoe Mythology
Sir Vincent Skullfinder History
Ms. Nicole Vogue Fashion
Cedella Art
Eliza Guidance Counsellor
Rebecca Everett Secretary
Elmira Clamp Librarian
MC Emi Officer Worker/Announcer
Charlie Lunch Cook/Food Sub
Roxie Road Nurse
Ewan Security Guard
Anthony Wagner Part-Time Janitor
Natalia Roshmanov/Agent Walker Local Detectives


  • Alexandra Connolly
  • Daralee Anderson
  • Master Aran
  • Hisao Watanabe

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