Good day friends! I'm here to give an announcement that after much reflection, The Royal Academy RP will be seeing a reboot!

It took some time for me to decide to do this considering we did make quite a bit of effort with the original RP. However, I felt that because of the considerable member changes within the RP and how much gaps there ended being in the plot, it would make sense to reboot the RP.

A new signup blog will be made and the old one will be deleted. BUT DO NOT FRET! I shall make a separate post listing all your OCs (organized by username ;D). Also, the old RP parts will be removed shortly as well. All of this is just to avoid clutter and stuff. Templates will remain the same, so you won't have to remake pages!

For the signups, I'll make a list by user so you won't have to carry all of them over. As for the old RP parts, I'll copy and paste them into a document and upload that to here for you to...reminisce?

The Reboot Sign Up will be uploaded shortly and part 1 of the reboot will also be made shortly.

This was a PSA by ur local friendo

au revoir

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