hey guys, I'm making an RP and here are the sign-ups:


A new season of Total Drama (an animated TV show in which a group of teens participate in grueling Survival-type challenges, and are picked off one by one until one remains and wins a million bucks) is on with a new host: Me! (aka Aria) and you can sign up your OCs that are ages 14-17. We will be having challenges and after each challenge, one team loses and is voting off a player. Halfway through, the teams merge and it's every man for themselves.


Once 14 contestants sign up, there will be 3 more days to sign up. After that sign ups are CLOSED. Until next season. 22 contestants is the max though.

Now for real rules:

  • No godplaying. (meaning don't be like: "My OC wins the challenge for their team" every challenge)
  • Be polite
  • Basically all other rules from the wiki
  • Don't control other's OCs or the host.

Sign-Up Sheet

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Appearance:
  • Label: (ie "The Cheerleader, "The Emo Girl", etc. Make it a short stereotype, not too unrealistic or long. ie don't put "The Fat girl who likes guitars and eats grasshoppers" too long, and stupid-sounding)
  • Bio:

NOTE: You do not need to have watched a season of Total Drama to compete in the RP; it will not be following any previous storylines from the show and therefore not hard to catch on to. Though sometimes classic competitors may cameo to demonstrate a challenge.

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