LOLZ hey guys

so this is just a... idk what this is.

well i kinda wanna "apologize" for some things;

  1. i was annoying as h*ck when i was on here goddamn. and MSW. well in 2012-13 i was young and didnt know anything about... anything. and then in 2015 when i was active on here i was going through a weird phase idek what to call it. so yeah forgive me for being annoying. i probs still am. but not as much
  2. i was kinda mean lol. mostly just pushy, opinianted, etc. but now i try to respect ppl more.

so yeh... if yall wanna be friends still,,hmu. if not, dont. if this is still going on i might rejoin if im allowed... maybe i wont. if i do i'll delete a bunch of oc's tho.

so how are yall?

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