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  • Xyzpdqbgs

    Hey guys! I've decided to make the new sign up blog due to Bullet's current absence. As he mentioned (...and so does the title of this blog post), a reboot of TRA is on the way. But first, there has to be sign ups (Which is now here)!

    A blog for Part 1 will begin once we get 5 applications and more. Applications for this RP are always open!

    Welcome to The Royal Academy, where 99% of all students succeed and students transition to their adult years fully prepared for what life has to offer. The school itself is particularly interesting, having an unique history, unusually bubbly teachers and a diverse range of students. When the next school year fires up and a new superintendent takes rule, things within the school seem to take a turn (magically, …

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  • Xyzpdqbgs

    This is Part 2 of the The Royal Academy RP! (Prev part)

    There's no rule for rp formats, you can use either the story format or script format. If you (not the muses) are speaking, use double parenthesis (( )) to seperate yourself from the dialogue!

    Please follow the overall rp/tra wikia rules! Respect all muns, read the current/general comments before replying (If you need a summary, don't be afraid to ask!) and most of all, have fun!

    [General Events: Full moon (Nighttime), club introductions]

    ✦Sign-up Blog: Here

    ✦Staff List: Here

    ✦Schedule: Here

    ✦Locations: Here

    The next part begins when the day is finished and all active muns are in agreement for its ending. Unless there's a specific situation, there is no exact number limit. (Each blog must exceed 1k…

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  • Xyzpdqbgs

    Dollmaker Links

    February 14, 2016 by Xyzpdqbgs

    Posting it here too in case anyone needs it and bc i lost an original masterpost with these. Please tell me if a link doesn't work. Also I might add more in the future so this will constantly be updating~

    (Autoplay/Volume warning for some) ( * are games that may also involve money depending on what stuff you want )

    Tell me if a link is broken!

    Bonnie Games deviantart (games are labeled “flash game”)

    • More: X X X X X X X  X X X X X


    DreamSelfy (There is another selfy maker on the website, but you have to make an account before using it)

    eLouai (Some games are broken)




    Rinmaru Games

    Selfy lab (Note: In Japanese so its best to use google translate if stuck)

    • Tutorials: X X  
    • A catalog with some stuff from general gachas from…

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