This is Part 2 of the The Royal Academy RP! (Prev part)

There's no rule for rp formats, you can use either the story format or script format. If you (not the muses) are speaking, use double parenthesis (( )) to seperate yourself from the dialogue!

Please follow the overall rp/tra wikia rules! Respect all muns, read the current/general comments before replying (If you need a summary, don't be afraid to ask!) and most of all, have fun!

[General Events: Full moon (Nighttime), club introductions]

✦Sign-up Blog: Here

✦Staff List: Here

✦Schedule: Here

✦Locations: Here

The next part begins when the day is finished and all active muns are in agreement for its ending. Unless there's a specific situation, there is no exact number limit. (Each blog must exceed 1k comments to avoid making too many blogs)

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